Polyblankest's Web Domain

"Stupid fucking gamer lizard"

"Oh look, yet another brutalist personal website with a shitty retro gimmick aesthetic, because apparently we don't have enough of those around already." is what you're probably thinking, and you're right. Ignoring that, I'm Polyblankest, the eternally-moody online persona of some dumbass who decided to make an account on a niche hobbyist site in hopes of quashing his social anxiety and to further procrastinate on his college assignments.

About Me:

I'm a college-age guy from the US (as far as you know) who avoids revealing any identifying information about himself because it's precisely that kind of real-world involvement that turned the internet into such a cesspit. That and the Eternal September. My hobbies are playing (largely old) video games, listening to the same small assortment of music until I completely overdo it and stop caring about it, and lurking the internet to get mad about awful takes because the internet is now the least comfy thing imaginable (thanks, corporations). Also I'm a gay mentally ill furfag, because there's always a catch.